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December 1, 2016

November 1, 2016

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March 2, 2016

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Wiggling App Icons

October 4, 2013

I have just added some new apps on my iPhone and I have to say my favorite part is getting to reorganize my iPhone layout. By holding down my finger on the screen, I release the lock on their location and now I can move them around. How cool is it when all the icons start to wiggle? It’s like they are jumping for joy about getting to switch places with each other.

Kinda reminds me of elementary school when the teacher announced it was time to rearrange the seating chart! All of us would start to wiggle, hoping we would get to move by the window, or next to the new kid, or away from the teacher’s desk! It was an exciting time to get to try something new.

It’s like these little icons are dancing too, wondering what new place they will land. Change doesn’t always have to be scary…if you think of it as a new adventure.

Organizing your stuff, whether it be icons on your iPhone, shoes in a closet or files in a drawer can be a time of excitement too. Picture all the stuff starting to wiggle, wondering which new place it will land. As you sort through it all, you find an arrangement that seems to make it better. Try it out for a few weeks, and if doesn’t work, just make it all wiggle again! That’s the fun of organizing after all!

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