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December 1, 2016

November 1, 2016

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March 2, 2016

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Should I stay or should I move?

June 10, 2016


Not too long ago, we were all selling our small houses and buying larger ones. We needed more space. My family once moved when we had our daughter and our son needed a room (far away) for his set of drums. We wanted to spread out more. What happens then, when in this current economy, a family finds themselves unable to sell that house?


One option is to consider home staging; perhaps things in your home are preventing a sale. Real estate agents and home stagers know the tricks of the trade of what will sell your house. Professional organizers can also assist in this process of making sure buyers see your home, not the clutter. Consider upgrades on kitchens, bathrooms and closets - storage is a big deal to that potential buyer. 


If you have tried all you can and it just isn’t working, consider making the smaller house work. Who knows – you might decide this is the perfect house for your family!


If you have exceeded the capacity, consider ways to reduce the stuff. What can you live without? Do you need all those collections? Could you check out the same books at the library? Could you rent the same movies at the store? How often do you really use that exercise bike? Question everything and find out what you can lose.


I recently worked with a family with four girls and the first thing the mom said was they were thinking about moving because they needed more space. Her problem was she loved this house – perfect location, good schools, close to work for both of them. And, she didn’t want the expense and hassle of moving.


So, after careful analysis and spaceplanning, then de-cluttering every space, rearranging furniture and rooms, installing new closets, purchasing a new washer and dryer (and a couple of pizzas!), we have made this house work and all plans to move have been cancelled. They now love their “new” house.


Truly, the inspiration for this client was my grandmother who raised five daughters in a three-bedroom, one-bath house. As the family has multiplied, we still gather there at Granny’s house, sitting on top of one another and “fighting” over who has to get up because you’re going to lose your seat if you do. I would have to say we are one of the most tight-knit families you’ll find. 


Could close proximity cause deeper connection?  Perhaps we shouldn’t try to spread out too far. We might lose one another in a bigger house.