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December 1, 2016

November 1, 2016

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March 2, 2016

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Holiday Storage

December 1, 2016


You just got the tree up, but now is the perfect time to evaluate your Christmas storage. My great-grandmother believed it was bad luck to leave your Christmas tree up after New Year’s Day. It had to do with taking something from the old year into the new one. Other families decorate on Christmas Eve and Santa finishes, so they leave it up well into January. Whatever your tradition, in a few days, you’ll be taking it all down…well, maybe!


I encourage my clients to take this time, while the home is decorated, to evaluate what else is left in your holiday boxes. Are you ever going to use those old decorations still sitting there? Ornaments don’t typically ruin…we just get tired of them. Consider donating yours to newlyweds just starting to decorate their home or someone wanting a change? Have a decoration swap with a friend to keep things fun and new in each of your homes. 


Now determine the best storage. Remember to allow for a little expansion – especially for all those ornaments your children will make in years to come! Only then should you go shopping – with a list, including dimensions, of the contents to be stored. Look for colors that will stand out as your holiday décor. You’ll have a nice assortment because you’re shopping early! 


With your new containers, you can now begin to get it all organized. In my house, we label everything, using a numbering system, like Box 1 of 10, Box 2 of 10 and so on. Then, I have a list of the box contents that I keep in my home files. If my husband has trouble finding Box 6 of 10 in the attic, I can refer to my list and describe it, making it easier to bring down all the decorations, until we reach all 10. We also copied the contents log and placed it on a note-card inside the box top. This helps as we pack up and try to make it all fit back in the box the same way every year. We also placed a label with the box number on the smaller boxes for quick reference of its correct home.


Supplies you’ll need:

  • Appropriate containers

  • Label Maker (if available) or sticky labels

  • Notecards – for box top inventory list

  • Tape

  • Marker

  • Notebook paper – to create inventory list to file

  • “Holiday Décor” File 

  • Donate bin or place to move items you’ve purged

  • A few hours with few interruptions


Now, get busy! Good preparation will decrease the time it takes to return your house to normal. Besides, you’ll thank yourself next year when there is one less stressful thing!