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December 1, 2016

November 1, 2016

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March 2, 2016

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Seasons come and go...and come again

February 24, 2017

Sitting outside on my deck under the big oak tree enjoying our warmer than usual winter day and looking forward to more of these days as Spring approaches. There are a few leaves left behind on this oak tree that, for some reason, never let go last Fall, and as they rustle in the wind, it makes me think about how they will have to eventually release to make room for the new ones to come. Soon, I'll look up and not be able to see the clear blue sky with the white, puffy clouds floating by because this glorious oak tree will once again host thousands of shiny, green leaves and provide us with cool shade from that hot, summer sun. Then, we will be sweeping and blowing those thousands of leaves off the deck once again as the seasons of our lives continue to change and come full circle once again.


As the seasons turn from winter to spring to summer to fall, so goes our own personal seasons. Change has never been a favorite part of life for anyone I know, but like it or not, it is inevitable and essential for anyone or anything living and breathing. The saying goes that "nothing in life is guaranteed except death and taxes," but I would add that change is guaranteed too. I joke that in the last few years, everything about me has changed except my phone number! And that used to be the thing that changed the most!!!


What does this have to do with organizing you might ask? Well, many things! Have your decorating tastes changed? What have you done with all the old decor? When was the last time your weight changed? Has your wardrobe changed with it or are you still hanging on to those clothes that don't fit anymore? What about your children's clothes sizes? Is it time to take down the childish wallpaper from their nursery and give them a big kid design makeover? Are they still playing with those same toys? Does your garage need an overhaul because it's just holding all those things that have changed in the rest of your house? 


Change is both scary and exciting! While we feel just as attached to our stuff as that oak tree to its leaves, recognizing that some things must go to make room for the new things. Each thing in our life has a time or season where it serves a purpose. A lot of stuff even comes with expiration dates to help us know when that season's purpose has ended. Parting with our stuff is not always easy and certainly when it is sentimental and has so many precious memories attached within it. 


Let me help you navigate the waters and manage the changes in your life. Let go of those "dead, crackling leaves" on your branches, and just in time for Spring you'll be making room for new, glorious growth too!